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Tina Davies

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Tech Problem: Microblades that are blunt or irregular, or questionable in safety.

TG Solution: Rebecca Chung Microblades. Sharp. Sterile. Disposable. For technicians that demand the best.

TG IndelibeLiner products are of the highest quality, and designed to ensure flawless consistently clean strokes, on point precision and outstanding transformational results, that will keep your clients coming back to you year after year. We have invested many hours trialling, testing and sourcing innovative and technologically advanced Microblades from around the world and are delighted to announce our partnership with renowned global artist Rebecca Chung, whose professionally engineered disposable Microblades with inbuilt rulers and sharp, precise refined needles have been crafted with love and passion to synergise flawlessly the three crucial components of safety, engineering and art. Allowing you to create perfect brows with effortless style, we will be proudly supplying Rebecca Chung Microblades in the UK.

All needles are blister packed for safety, EO gas sterilised and display manufacturing and expiry dates on the labels, in addition to a unique lot number, showcasing commitment to Health & Safety standards and compliance for EU use.

20pcs per box. 


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