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The IndelibeLiner Devices have been built to take two of the best hand pieces currently available globally, to meet market demands and make your life as a technician easier. The selection of different needle types, tapers and speed frequencies allows you to use your pen like an artist uses their brushes. Both are superbly engineered pieces of equipment and capable of achieving an array of beautiful results.

Cartridge Needle Handpiece (2): A cartridge pen with over 17 safety needle configurations available, Hand Piece 1 is a German-built market leader.

Key features include:

  1. Lightweight, ergonomic, trusted design
  2. Quiet with low vibration
  3. Single needles available as well as thicker needle groupings ideal for shading, block and ombre work!
  4. Delivers beautiful results and has been year after year

Cartridge Needles available to purchase.


Needles also compatible with other popular devices at prices that won't be beaten!


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